The guilt-free way to game.

Turn your bicycle into a games-controller and play loads of popular, mainstream racing games… while you sweat.

It’s gaming, made active.
And exercise, made epic! 

Award-winning games, now pedal-powered.

How does it work?

We connect your bicycle to a PS4, creating a ‘bicycle-arcade’. 

Either play solo or invite other TurboGamers to play with you online. Race, ramp, crash and completely forget you’re working out.

Ride your bike, or play your favourite game... How about both?

Win the gaming war with your kids!

Get them on their bicycles every day, without banning the console, limiting screen time or killing the wifi.

They’re calling it ‘The parenting hack of our generation’, ‘The Holy Grail of Modern Parenting’, and our personal favourite… ‘A real game-changer!’

Join our growing community as we get ready to launch this epic new product. 

TurboGaming in a nutshell

Pedal-powered gaming

Steer from your bike

Sweat proof buttons

Games for every age (4+)

Single player & multiplayer games

A friendly community of TurboGamers

All you'll need

Turbo trainer and a bicycle

Any smart or classic turbo trainer with any bicycle. Kids bikes, mountain bikes, commuter bikes, even a Brompton!

A PS4 and a TV

At the moment, we currently support PS4 but plans for PS5 and Xbox are in the pipeline.

The mobile App

The TurboGaming App isn't just to personalise your setup, it's also a private social platform for all TurboGamers!

The TurboGaming Kit

Of course, you'll need the TurboGaming Kit that lets you connect your bike to your PS4. That's the secret sauce!