The guilt-free way to game.

Your favourite racing games on Xbox and PlayStation, converted into fitness-games using our specialised bicycle-controller.

Award-winning games, now pedal-powered.

How does it work?

Think ‘Peloton for gamers’

First, connect the smart bicycle-controller to your console and select a compatible game.

Then, the harder you peddle the faster your in-game vehicle goes.

Steer by rotating the handlebars. Brake, shoot and jump using the built-in controls.

Get competitive with multiplayer mode and enter tournaments to win kudos in the ‘Strava-like’ app.

Become a beta tester today and you could win one of the first units.

TurboGaming in a nutshell

Pedal-powered gaming

Steer from the bike

Strava-like App

Games for every age (4+)

Single player & multiplayer games

Competitive & social online tournaments

All you'll need

The Bicycle-Controller

Our product is similar to a Peloton bike but comes in both child and adult sizes and connects to a PS4 or Xbox One.

A console, TV & wifi

You'll need a PS4 or Xbox One, as well as a TV and wifi. You'll also need a little space to put your bike in front of the TV.

Compatible games

Play one of many compatible games: Wreckfest, Forza Horizon, Rocket League, Tour de France, Grip, Dirt Rally, Grid, Disney Cars, Sonic, Crash Team Racing and many, many more.

The mobile App

The TurboGaming App isn't just to personalise your setup, it's also a private social platform to meet and play with other TurboGamers.

Win the gaming war with your kids!

Get them active every day, without banning the console, limiting screen time or killing the wifi.

Parents are calling it ‘The parenting hack of our generation’. 

Sign up to be a beta tester and you could get the product 100% free.

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