Finally, gaming you can get behind!

Their favourite racing games, converted into fitness-games using our smart bicycle-controller.

End the gaming war
with a win-win solution

Unlock your child’s
inner athlete at home

Screentime you
can be proud of

Plus, a junior model for those aged 5 to 12.

All the same functionality, just smaller for shorter arms and legs.


You can be the game-changer!

Let’s change your family’s relationship with gaming. We know the feeling, when you’re pulling your hair out, sick of screentime and feeling like you’re failing at this whole parenting thing. It’s horrible, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Gaming isn't the enemy.

The way games are currently being played, is.


Guilt-free Gaming

It’s a win-win solution because they can still play popular, mainstream games with their friends and you can relax, knowing your kid is getting fitter and stronger.


Healthy Influence

Being a TurboSapien isn’t just about competing in esports, it’s also about meeting like-minded people and becoming a role model to others, online and offline. 


Parental Pride

During prototype testing, parents cheered for their kids like it was sports day. Having absolutely no parental guilt can have that effect on you! Celebrate their wins with genuine enthusiasm!

Come join us!

We’ve spent 2+ years developing this game-changing solution to put an end to the gaming war and it really works, youngsters love it!

Let’s start celebrating our happy, healthy, fit kids as they start identifying as aspiring athletes. No need to ban the console or kill the WiFi, they’ll get tired on their own. And who knows, you might even want to play with them!

Early-adopter perks

(When you apply to try it for free)

Behind-the-scenes content

How did a lockdown brainwave turn into a game-changing product? What’s the backstory story? When will the product be released? Get all the juice when you join us.

Private Community

Once you register as an early adopter, you’ll be sent the link to join our private community where you’ll get the inside scoop on our progress, and you’ll get to chat directly to the founders.

Early Adopter Clout

Earn your early-adopter badge in the social app. This will be limited so don’t miss out on being recognised by the tribe. You'll even get to vote on the design of the badge.

First dibs on limited stock

We will start by producing small batches. Join the queue now to get access to the first batch of units available.

Insider Opportunities

Opportunities to test beta units, to feature on our social media channels, and to be in the know on any crowd funding we do in the future.

Come on the journey

Help guide the product and the brand. Vote on everything from which games we prioritise to which influencers and brands we collaborate with.

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